One Year Later

A year ago I got down on one knee

At that moment the world faded

It was just me and you standing before me

I watched the tears fill your eyes

And also the wonder from the surprise 

I waited there in the sand 

Holding on to your hand 

Eternity passed as I looked to you

My heart beating hard in my chest 

At once all was well again, you said yes

A year later and I still find ways 

To love you more every single day

Yo-yo Emotions 

Up and down they bounce

Pushed down by bad days 

Left to rise in good ones 

Makes me think of being young

No matter what my face says

I was happy once

I can’t take all the back and forth

I just want to live free

This constant change is too much strain 

Through it all I remain positive 

Even though today’s a low day

One day I’ll be happy again 

At least I know I’m not broken…

A “Man”

Someone asked me if I was soft

Because I missed my fiancé 

I guess I have to be

If that’s what being soft means

We can’t love anymore 

Without someone trying to bring us down

Then we wonder why

There’s so little real love around

So call me soft all you want

I’m not going to jeopardize her happiness 

To save my reputation in the eyes

Of people who don’t understand 

What it takes to love