30 Day Challenge – Day 01

Day 01 – Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is 

To say it simply, my current relationship is amazing.

They say that you have to go through bad to get to what’s waiting out there for you. I have been through alot in my life and I think that with her is where I should be. It’s not perfect, because nothing is, but it’s better than most that I’ve been through. She has been a major inspiration for this blog and my writing.

She makes me happy daily and I love the feeling. I don’t think that I have ever been as content as I am right now. Every moment with her is amazing. We don’t even have to be in the same room to enjoy each other. She makes me laugh by being silly and I do the same for her. There have been moments when we have both driven each other to laughter to the point of tears.

She’s my last thought at night and the first in the morning.

She’s my future. I am happy.

At This Moment

I start to think…
Then you enter my mind
It’s about time
You would have been here earlier
On other days
Like the instant I wake

I start thinking about the person you are
The person I admire
The way you make me feel happy
In this world of pain
How you make me think of sunshine
Even when it rains
I start thinking of your smile
The way your cheeks brighten
With a slight glow
As your mouth stretches across your face
And that cute giggle escapes
Parted lips…
The kind made to kiss
Sweet bliss

I’m thinking of your eyes
And the emotions they show
The one I love to see the most
If I had to see sadness
I would rather they be closed
When looking at me
I see…
The true kind
You know
Hard to find

Holding you in my arms
Brings me such joy
Knowing that you’re safe
I don’t like having you so far away
Sometimes…most times…
I just wish that you’d stay
So that my heart would beat at the same pace
As when I’m looking at your loving face

Right now
Your voice from your lips
Is what want to hear…directly through the air…
A phone call doesn’t do justice
A text will never hold your loving essence
Nothing compares to the feeling you bring
The one that makes me want to sing

As I sit here and think of you
I’m wondering if…you’re thinking of me too
The thought of you has taken over me
You’re all that I see
Right now
With you
Is where I want to be…

Look For Me

This one is for you

Yes just for you

Now if only I knew

Who you could be

You see…

It’s been fifteen years

Since we first met

But we haven’t yet

I wonder…

If you remain a remnant

Of my dreams


You’re literally the girl of my dreams

Back then I couldn’t wait to sleep

Because that meant another adventure

What would we do tonight?

Who would we be?

Our baby was once taken by the M.I.B.

We fell in love over and over

I don’t care if they were only dreams

In my eyes you were real

I felt every kiss

Every hug

Like you were right there with me

I missed you

It was you who made me believe

The possibility

That dreams could become reality


I tried to find you

Searching the phone book

Then I saw all the people with the same last name

And learned that everyone wasn’t in it

I almost gave up hope…

I put off my search

Because the task was too daunting

But my dreams…

You were still haunting

Just in a good way

The dreams though

Stopped one day

Did this mean that you’d gone away?

Would I never again see your face?

Feel your embrace?

What did I do?

To have to lose you?

If I could bring you to life

I’d choose to…

If this is such a small world

Why haven’t I met this girl?

I held on to your memory

Even to this day

I’ll never forget your name

I’ll look for you wherever I go

And if you are out there

When you see me

You’ll know…

Ms. Sunfire Jones…

Ear to Ear

Giving one

Makes one come right back

You could make someone’s day

Never know who needs it

Or what change

You can make in a life

Warming the ones who see it

They feel the love beaming from you

Then it spreads from them to another

All because you wore it proudly

Sharing it with the world

Making it a better place

With just an expression…

On your face

Puns For You 05

From day one it’s been

A sudden mutual attraction

Couldn’t take my eyes off of you

So I saw you staring right back

Stuck by your side through it all

You were there for me too

You’re caring




Such a good person

Glad to have you in my life

Now and forever

I will never go away

Are you happy dear?

I se3 you smiling