Battle Scars

Cupid’s arrows went through one side and out the next

Those who betrayed his love used serrated blades

Sliced and diced, removing heavy chunks

Footprints show how it was burst it wide open

Stitches ran from the bottom to the top

Across the middle and from side to side

Bandages and gauge applied with the aim

Of keeping in the blood

Nothing could make it beat normally as it should


When she saw it she cried

Becasue for so long she  knew he lied

When he said that he was fine

So she took pieces of her own heart

Transplanted them onto his and then

It started to beat normally again

She had taken his battered heart

And loved him with what she had left

For she had loved him from the start

The Hands It Falls Into

Falling in love can be dangerous because we never know what the other person has in store for out hearts. They can either protect you for the rest of your life and keep you happy or they can destroy you bit by bit each day and send you through a lifetime of painful memories. You never know until it’s too late what they are capable of using “love” to do.

Hurt from love can come from being ill-treated by the one we choose to love. They can berate us and tear us down until we are feeling like nothing. They can cheat on us or beat on us while still being able to say to our faces that they love us. Unrequited love can also lead to hurt and pain. All the love that we withdraw from our love accounts and put into the pockets of another leaves us feeling empty. That’s because there is no love being deposited back to us. It may be the worst hurt of them all in terms of love.

Love has the ability to, over time, heal the broken hearts that are out there. All the memories and insecurities of the past are washed away by the true love being shown. The person then becomes whole again. All the scars mended and all the pain taken away. You get to see the potential of your own love and get to experience something new. Real, true love.

Depending on who holds your heart, love can either hurt you or heal your pain.