Burnt from Within

He’s burnt by his love

A love strong that it destroys him

From the inside out

He shouts

But no one listens

His story goes unheard

His cries unanswered

Unable to find someone

To cool him down

He continues to combust

The wind simply

Blows away the dust


The ashes

That his love

Left behind

Deaf to Me

I’ve mustered up all the courage to do this
Because every time it’s the same
These words leave my mouth
And things go up in flames
Ready to take the plunge head first
Feeling so confused now
Not knowing there is anything worst

All this time I’ve been hiding my feelings
Afraid of what will happen
It’s now or never
All jokes aside
I’m ready for forever
So many ways to describe the feelings
Inside of me

So many words to say
All combined into three
Will you say them back?
Or will they leave my mouth in vain?
Will they lead to happyness?
Or will they bring even more pain?

Here I am waiting
For just the right moment
I’m ready
In my mind there’s not a care
You close your eyes when I stare
When my mouth opens you cover your ears
I tried telling you that I love you
But you never wanted to hear…