30 Day Challenge – Day 25

Day 25 – Someone who fascinates you and why

I would say I’m most fascinated by my girlfriend’s son.

His imagination and creativity is amazing. He loves dinosaurs and knows so much about them that I almost envy him.

I’m also interested in his potential. I can’t wait to see where he ends up with his academics. I’ll be right by his side through it all.

Imaginary Love

She tried to find love in the world

Each time coming up short

So she decided to pain perfection

Her ideal lover

Who would never betray her

Stuck on the canvas

He could never leave

Not for someone else

Or for any other reasons

She would no longer have to be alone

He would be here forever

She couldn’t see

That she was causing herself to be

Even more alone

Since she stick so strongly

To her lists

She created something

That could never exist


She gave up on trying

Working things through

She was more alone than before

If only she knew


I must have been delusional

In my mind we were heading for something

I could see it in the distance

In the haze it appeared

A future

A purpose

I was prepared to never look back

I stuck to that

No worries

Or doubts

Because that’s what I’m about

So we walked step by step

As we got closer

The image before me distorted

I tried not to question it

You didn’t seem bothered

When I got to where I thought I belonged

I realized that you were

No longer by my side

And the thing that were headed to


Right into thin air

And there I stood


Cursing you


Cursing the mirage