A “Man”

Someone asked me if I was soft

Because I missed my fiancé 

I guess I have to be

If that’s what being soft means

We can’t love anymore 

Without someone trying to bring us down

Then we wonder why

There’s so little real love around

So call me soft all you want

I’m not going to jeopardize her happiness 

To save my reputation in the eyes

Of people who don’t understand 

What it takes to love


Excuse me miss
By the look on your face
I can tell you want nothing to do with me
You probably have nothing to do
But you’re still going to say you’re busy
Before you put me down
I already know your type
Anything but me
I’ve been down this road many times
Seems as though talking to someone is a crime
Why do you insist on walking away?
I have something to say…

I know
You don’t need to talk to me
I heard you the first time
You don’t like me
Too many guys made the mistake of telling you
That you’re attractive
To that treatment you’ve become addictive
I’ll get out of your face
Just let me say what I have to…
It’s important that you listen
But you just don’t want to
You want to just leave
There are other fish in this small sea
And the “bigger” fish are more tasty
I see
You just won’t listen

Let me break down something to you
I can walk in your shoes
Here’s something to consider
I could have talked to her or her
You…like me…are a dime a dozen
And there are more of your type than mine
So…who do you think will do just fine?
You should hear someone out
Before judging them first
I only wanted to return this…
Your dropped purse.

Get over yourself

Different Faces, Different Minds

I’m tired of going through this act

Another female acting all whack

I wasn’t the one who did those things

But you believe that somehow I will

Why are you always on edge about me?

Please, I insist you take a chill pill

Maybe I’ll care just a little more

Why not just wait and find out?

Everything I say is taken with a grain of salt

You’re never sure and always in doubt

Not all guys are the same

It’s more than just a difference in the name

Not all men are dogs

Some things we do is in our nature

You don’t do it with us

And you expect us to always act mature

What is all the hostility for

Even if I’m an ok guy

I still don’t get a chance to try

And no explanation as to why


Before you chop me up

And tear me down because I’m a male

Just know that I could be doing the same

And generalizing you with the bad females

You know…

The ones that are all about the green

The ones that are just plain mean

The ones who only care about what is seen

I could place you into a category like that…

But I don’t…

Everyone deserves a clean slate

But it seems like I’ll be judged before I’ve begun

Don’t see why I pay for what someone else has done

If your mind is made up…

Then that’s fine…

Next time just try to look deeper at the person

Who fits into the outline…