No introductions are needed here
We both know each other’s names
So in order to make you mine
Let’s play a little game

I’m a beast most of the time
At all games I’m the best
Never played this game before
But I’ve always been interested in chess

You seem like a good catch
So my best game I’ll bring
I hope at the end
I can be your king

In my heart is where you’ll reside
My right hand woman
Ruling at my side
I’m the type of guy
That put brains over brawn
But as true as that may be
It doesn’t make me a pawn

I want to be here, there, anywhere for you
For your love I will always fight
No limits are set in my head
I will go to any height
I plan to be so much more than your prince
I want you to make me your knight

Is there a dragon in the house?
Time to show off my might
Can I climb up that rook
To the top of the tallest tower
Can I save you from danger?
Do I have the power?

It’s known to be the bishop
In France they call it the jester
No matter what the name is
It will still help me get her

I want to capture you as my queen
And I promise to always protect
The only way that I can reach to you
Is if my strategy is perfect

You finally in my arms
What a sight that is deck
Unlike the end of this game
You wont have to keep me in check

You seem to like what you see
I think I have nothing left to prove
So the only thing that is left to do
Is for me to make
The first move


All Bets Are On

This game that we play
It’s getting pretty old
It’s time for you to decide
Whether you call, raise, or fold
I’ve been checking you for a minute
Now I’m waiting on your play
Will you be the one to call?
Or Will you throw the cards away?

I’m the king of my castle
And a jack of all trades
All I need is a queen who’s a ten
Willing to be my ace
All hearts bright red
Making my royal flush complete
With you by my side I’ll never be beat

But your face is hard to read
And you have no tells
Don’t know what it is about you
I used to be able to read so well
I’ve been so focused on you
That I think I lost my edge
It’s almost hopeless at this point
I can’t even calculate the chances I’ll win
But my cards are on the table
And I’m going all in