I want to take you on a date

But it won’t be normal

The sun Will barely be up

I’ll pour cocoa in your cup

Stack of pancakes and some eggs

Sticky syrup all over the place

Bacon on the side of course

Sit up in bed and take the tray

Breakfast in bed to start the day

Flower in the vase as bright as you

Kiss on the forehead

As I get my own food

We’ll go back in time

And watch Saturday morning cartoons

Different kind of date

For my special lady

30 Day Challenge – Day 10

Day 10 – Discuss your first love and first kiss.

I am going to break this into parts because my idea of love has changed and evolved over the years.All names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

Amber. Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. I don’t know how I knew I loved her, but I always knew that I did. She was bright. There was always an aura around her. She was the first girl that I ever kissed. I know that we were young, but it felt special to me. I used to treat her the way that Steve Urkel would treat Laura Winslow. I used to watch the show every Friday and use the lines and moves on her on Monday. She was the first person that I felt a special way for.

Destiny. Summers from 1998 to 2002. The love that never was. The first girl that hit me with the love at first sight. Her smile hit me and that was it. I was hooked on her. The thing is, I never told her. I never acted on it in the way that I would now. I would just hope that she would be around the following summer. I continued to go back to Dominica until 2005. So, you know what that means. One summer, she moved. In the same week that I got back to the village, I saw her and her family with bags waiting for the bus to the airport. I never saw her again.

Snake. 2004-2005. My only regret. I don’t have any regrets in life, but being with her is one of them. I had my share of bad relationships before, but this is by far the worst. I was madly in love with her for some reason. I know, high school romance is supposed to be fleeting, but I couldn’t help myself at the time. I would have done anything for her and I did. She knew that and maybe that’s why it was so easy for her to take advantage of me. She cheated on me because she knew that I would always take her back each time. Even on my birthday. Yup. No day was sacred. The day I left is the day I took my life back. She taught me that love can hurt horribly at times. I am glad that I took something from it.

Cass. 2007-2011?. Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda. This is the love that I destroyed. I was still broken after snake. I felt that no one could be trusted. I was a wreck. Did so many things that I didn’t have to. I broke her emotionally when all she wanted to do was love me. I wish I could take it all back.

Anne. Current. Real love. This love feels the way that they write about in stories and portray in the movies. There is no forcing or any lies. Everything is going smoothly. I never have a dull day and I always look forward to the next one. She is my inspiration.

Lips for the Fiend

I’m addicted to those pink lips

Every time she speaks

I stare at them

Wanting them pressed against mine

She licks them

Preparing to speak again

It’s driving me crazy

And she knows it

Playfully she bites the bottom one

Never breaking eye contact

Watching the results of her teasing game

My fix lies right across from me

I’m not going to miss this opportunity

So I take it

Gonna make it

Worth it

Lips part and tongues fly

My eyes close

Away I go

On my high

Splatter the Canvas with Love

Our love splatters the canvas

For the world to see

Let’s show them

All the colors of love

Hearts beating red

Hands held till they are blue

Wet kisses creating wet paint

The canvas always has room

The rainbow of colors

That our feelings create

Will always be

My favorite masterpiece

Recipes for Love

Coffee in a cup

Wasn’t the best part of waking up

It was him holding her waist

As she stirred a pot of oatmeal

He kissed her cheek before getting a pan

To cook the eggs and bacon

Kisses were stolen while stirring and flipping

Until the meal was complete

Then it was time to eat


Later that night after work

They would once again meet here

She cut the chicken into pieces

He made the sauce for the pasta

Always with extra oregano

That’s how he loved making the Alfredo

They bonded while cooking

Mornings, nights, and in between

Extra love sprinkled into each dish

Made by this King and Queen