I Know

I want to take your hand in mine

But I am afraid that you won’t hold on

Or that when you do

You will want to be let go

I want to be here for you

The way that I am supposed to be

Though I have a feeling that I will be pushed

Away I will go because I can’t force anything

Never had the strength to fight

For myself for someone else

I want to tell you that I care

Into to your ears the words will flow

But will they go where I need them to?

Will your heart be eased by my words?

The past haunts you

The future is not bright enough

To drive the demons out

I will do my best

I will always do my best

Even when I feel that it might not do

Just because it is you

I will do my best

I want to tell you that I am here

That I am always here

And I always will be


Will you believe m3?