It Hit Me Late

Two years ago I was so in love

I didn’t know

That I was in love alone

A year later it hit me

She was never going to live up

To the person

I thought she could be

Up At Night

I know you’re fast asleep

But I still check my phone

Hoping a message is there

From you

Looking for me

I’ll meet you in your dreams

And I wait for you in mine

Sleep tight dear princess

See you in the morrow

Late Night Message 02

My love for you grows daily

And every day I’m grateful that it’s you

I feel your love surrounding me

Your love keeps me safe

I will use my love the way you do

Your needs will always be served

I will always give you the love you deserve

You will never be without it

I will never let you down

Always and for3ver

I’m yours

I love you