The Boulder of the Past

The reason that some people are struggling in their present day lives is usually because they are still held in place by their past. The thing they don’t take the time to realize is that they have so much potential that is being hindered. They don’t try to get through things because they believe they will always end up like it did before.

For some, letting go easy. Almost too easy. These people may appear to be better off, but they also have things that they need to deal with. Letting go easily does not give time to deal and get to understand the problem. It is difficult to empathize with others if you don’t have the full experience of the ordeal.

What both parties need is each other. The ones holding on to the past need to see that there is a way to let things go. The ones who do not know how to deal need to understand that sometimes you need to go through things to come out stronger. When it comes to it, they both have pasts that they must deal with at one point or another. Hopefully, they must find the ideal ways of letting go in order to have a decent present and better future.

Putting A Flame to It All Part 5

Those three little words that I could barely make you say

I don’t know if me telling you was a mistake

But I would rather that I never did

You forgot what those meant

When you were angry

You did not prove the words

When you constantly hung up on me

Unreturned phone calls

Messages with days delay

Didn’t really say those words

For all the times I stood alone

Waiting for you to come by my side

Unbeknownst to me

You were already in the arms of another

I can’t take back

The words I told you

But I can get let go of the memories

I can burn them away

Putting a Flame to It All Part 3

I was afraid that

No matter what I did

I’d see you

I’d hear your voice

Visiting places we went

Would cause the memories

To rush back into my head

That was my biggest fear

It almost consumed me

I had to take control

I had to move on

I did

Now I don’t think about you

You’re a distant memory

And the fear is gone

Putting A Flame to It All Part 2

Remember you said you cared?

I do.

You said you’d never leave

I was told by you

That I was

Everything you ever wanted

And more

I was an upgrade

Better than all the rest

You professed so much

My foolish self

Believed it all

I should have known better

Don’t know why I’m stressing for

Because nothing you said

Matters anymore

Putting A Flame to It All Part 1

You promised me forever

Then you showed me just how short it was

You said that we would always be together

Just another lie you told

So I am burning everything

All the memories of

All the things that remind me of you

The first one is

That together forever

Was never true