Putting A Flame to It All Part 2

Remember you said you cared?

I do.

You said you’d never leave

I was told by you

That I was

Everything you ever wanted

And more

I was an upgrade

Better than all the rest

You professed so much

My foolish self

Believed it all

I should have known better

Don’t know why I’m stressing for

Because nothing you said

Matters anymore

Putting A Flame to It All Part 1

You promised me forever

Then you showed me just how short it was

You said that we would always be together

Just another lie you told

So I am burning everything

All the memories of

All the things that remind me of you

The first one is

That together forever

Was never true

Rejected Invitation

I asked her to dinner and she said no

I had no idea

Why she didn’t want to go with me

I mean isn’t this what you do?

Go grab a bite

Watch a movie or two

She said she was staying in

Didn’t feel too well


I respected her wishes and went to dinner alone

Enjoying the ambiance

Sharing jokes with the servers

Then enters her

On the arms of another


I thought I must have been dreaming


I avoided eye contact

Got my dinner to go

Grabbed my coat

Tipped generously

Then headed home

I thought about what happened

It stung just a bit

I know that my endeavors

I’d have to quit


She always said I was a nice guy

Too nice at times

Told me that being mean must be a hard feat

I scoffed

A text came in from her

Saying “Maybe next week?”

Without a second thought

I just hit delete

Fighting Love ft. Explicit

I just wanna be loved, and for that, I find myself exchanging my heart
for what i thought was your love.
That love that I thought was there, was wearing a disguise;
hidden by the lies I saw in your eyes.

Looking into those eyes brought tears to mine. I keep denying your
faults to think everything was fine.
I misused my heart as you took my love in vain. Now I’m confused, and
emotionally insane.

Going crazy with every thought of you, but now the truth shines through.
The looking glass is clearer now as I see the liar in you.
With you my heart still wants to stay, but my mind knows better and
makes my body walk away.

I just wanna be loved; is that too much to ask?
Since when did love become a task.
A daily routine to complete…check one, check two…
What’s on the agenda today?
“Loving you”…

So easy for me to do, but for you it’s not. ‘Cause when it comes to
loving me, it seems like you forgot.
My love for you is something hard to brake, but by the way it’s
returned it feels like a mistake.