Blackened Pans

No one understands

Don’t think anyone ever will

But still…

I try

The fear of being alone

Mixed around with the need to give

This Love in my heart

Sprinkle in truth

Stir in attention and affection

Place it in the oven for six months

Everything done perfectly

A new recipe never before tasted

Because no matter the attention

Paid to the details of the recipe

The batch always comes out burnt

One day the entire house will burn down

Then they’ll understand

They’ll see the little things

As they sift through the ashes

Daily Love

I love to see her light up for little things
It warms me to see her smile
When she laughs I laugh
Good feelings last a while

Sometimes I just stare at her
Mesmerized by her beauty
Thinking about how happy she makes me

Her silly jokes aren’t even funny
But the way she cracks herself up
Makes it hard to not laugh with her

I love her
Each day I love her more
Each day I look forward to the next
Each day I think back to the one before