My Flower

She was a dropped rose

In a field of other flowers

When I saw her she seemed down

She had forgotten

That she was a rose

She lost knowledge of her fragrance

I picked her up and loved her

I reminded her that she was beautiful

I loved her forever

She was the only flower

That bloomed in my spring

Love Lost

How did things end up like this?

A relationship gone down the drain

Somehow the love could not be maintained

Now they go through this every day

Arguments first thing in the morning

Fist fights throughout the night

Neither knows why they stay in the situation

Yet neither will make the steps needed to leave

No one on the outside can help

The heart wants what it wants they say

Her friends say that she deserves better

His say that she is not the one for him

They say that it’s not that bad

That’s until tempers run thin

Something’s got to give

This is not a good way to live

Where was the love that brought them together?

The fairy tale that started them off in the start

Pictures of good times together now torn apart

The screaming gets louder as the days go by

There seems to be no more tears to cry

Mending this broken love seems impossible to try

Maybe their waiting for it to go back to where it was

Though the bad times always outweigh the good

Something has to be keeping them together

Though it looks like it may never work they believe it can

Even though they might love each other

Their love remains broken