Lips for the Fiend

I’m addicted to those pink lips

Every time she speaks

I stare at them

Wanting them pressed against mine

She licks them

Preparing to speak again

It’s driving me crazy

And she knows it

Playfully she bites the bottom one

Never breaking eye contact

Watching the results of her teasing game

My fix lies right across from me

I’m not going to miss this opportunity

So I take it

Gonna make it

Worth it

Lips part and tongues fly

My eyes close

Away I go

On my high

Splatter the Canvas with Love

Our love splatters the canvas

For the world to see

Let’s show them

All the colors of love

Hearts beating red

Hands held till they are blue

Wet kisses creating wet paint

The canvas always has room

The rainbow of colors

That our feelings create

Will always be

My favorite masterpiece

Breathing You In

I inhale

You were always

A breath of fresh air

The flowers around us

Barely compare

To your perfume

I have no choice but to stare

Right at you

Your head on my shoulder

As you look ahead

I look where you’re looking

Hoping you see what I right now

A future with us still together

Laughing and being silly

Starting our family

Growing old side by side

On this crazy ride

That I can’t get enough of

I take another deep breath

Of the fresh air you provide

You keep me alive

Walk On By

In a past life they could have been much more

They could have been lovers

They didn’t want to risk the friendship

So they never followed their hearts

The nights they spent together

Are now pages of a lost chapter

Of dances and wine

So much time spent

Just enjoying one another

They tried to keep in touch

Keep the friendship strong

They could only hold on for so long

Watching one another move on

Feigning happiness day to day

Always sneaking moments to reminisce

On the kisses that they missed

And the ones they let go away

For friendship’s sake

When they do meet each other

They always remember

Years gone by

It’s too late to start anything new

All they can do

Is walk on by


So Much

There’s still so much of me

That I need to tell you about

There’s so much about you

That I would still like to know

So every moment we have together

I will let you in

To the vast space that is my mind

My ideas and goals will be shared with you

You get to travel at light speed

Through my memories too


No holding back

I want to dive into your thoughts

Deeper than anyone else has

Swim through the memories

Get to know the real you

There’s so much more

That any couple can share

There’s always room for growth