30 Day Challenge – Day 08

Day 08 – A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

I’ve been on this planet for 27 years now. I must say that it’s been rather dull in my opinion, but I have life, so I’m alright.

The moment that I felt most satisfied with life started late last year. All the negative feelings and thoughts washed away when I met her. I can’t think of a dull moment or any time when I wasn’t content. Everything feels like it’s the way it should be. I’m living the moment that I never want to end.

Before now, I felt satisfied in life during my travels to Dominica. I was free. To do anything that I wanted and be one with nature. I also got to meet family and made friendships that I appreciated.

At This Moment

I start to think…
Then you enter my mind
It’s about time
You would have been here earlier
On other days
Like the instant I wake

I start thinking about the person you are
The person I admire
The way you make me feel happy
In this world of pain
How you make me think of sunshine
Even when it rains
I start thinking of your smile
The way your cheeks brighten
With a slight glow
As your mouth stretches across your face
And that cute giggle escapes
Parted lips…
The kind made to kiss
Sweet bliss

I’m thinking of your eyes
And the emotions they show
The one I love to see the most
If I had to see sadness
I would rather they be closed
When looking at me
I see…
The true kind
You know
Hard to find

Holding you in my arms
Brings me such joy
Knowing that you’re safe
I don’t like having you so far away
Sometimes…most times…
I just wish that you’d stay
So that my heart would beat at the same pace
As when I’m looking at your loving face

Right now
Your voice from your lips
Is what want to hear…directly through the air…
A phone call doesn’t do justice
A text will never hold your loving essence
Nothing compares to the feeling you bring
The one that makes me want to sing

As I sit here and think of you
I’m wondering if…you’re thinking of me too
The thought of you has taken over me
You’re all that I see
Right now
With you
Is where I want to be…

Own World

Sometimes I need a break from it all

From the stress

From the responsibilities

I’m not running


I just need a little time

To reflect on it all

To look forward

And think of what comes next


So my headphones enter my ears

And I am no longer here

I’m in my own world

Where no one can bother me

The music takes me on an adventure

To parts of my mind

Where I had put thoughts away for later


The stress melts away

The emotions are put at bay

Replaced by better ones

New ones

Just for this moment I am free

I can be in love with me

And the person I have become

I see my past and have no regrets

See my future and it is bright


In my own world

Listening to the music

Closing my eyes and fading away

Clear mind and eased heart

In my own world

The Moment

Opportunities don’t often come along twice
So once they present the must be seized
You never know what could happen
The outcome of taking the risk might leave you pleased

Happiness isn’t about the destination.
It’s about the journey along the way.
And once you achieve your happiness
It’s up to you how whether or not it goes away

You shouldn’t focus on the end
When you have yet to begin
If you’re too focused on losing
You might just lose your chance to win

Take the chance when you see it
Or you may forever feel regret
What ifs plague your mind
And the mistake you’ll never forget

Each day you must be able to live in the present
To make the most of everything is what you need to avow
Seize the moment when it comes
The moment is now!