The Clear Winner

Life can be tough

Sometimes even unfair

If you follow your heart

Stay true to yourself in the hard times

All the sadness will have been worth it

Relationships gone awry

You never understood why

It always felt like you were on the losing end

Because you got nothing out of it

Little did you know you were heading

To where you needed to be

The experiences were just lessons

Things that you needed to go through

Now look at you

You’re ready

For the love you have been waiting for

You no longer feel like the loser

Now that you know

There’s only one sure thing

In the end nothing else matters

Because love always wins

Rise and Shine

This is a new day

Another chance to live right

Open up the windows

And let in the sunlight

This is the epoch

Where it all begins

This is the time

To chase those dreams within

You have 24 Hours

To make your dreams come true

You’re in the driver’s seat

You choose what you want to do

These 1,440 minutes can fly by

Without you knowing where they went

Take as much as you can in

Try to savor the time spent

86,400 seconds once again

Try to keep a smile on your face

Time is of the essence

Those seconds should not go to waste

Before you head out that door

Make sure that you pray

Start off right on the beginning of…

This New Day

That Drive (NF)

Thump thump thump

The sound echos throughout the room

It’s almost dark outside

Been here since afternoon

Thump thump swish

Another one made

This is the way this game

Was meant to be played

Thump thump squeak

Footsteps across the floor

Thump thump swish

Three points more

Thump thump…


Concentration wont break

Visualizes the completion

Then another one she takes

Follows through with the wrist

Then swish

Add one

Tired now

But still not done

Inhale Exhale

You can tell her all is given

By the way she breathes

Sweat rolls down the face

Wipe it off with a sleeve

Can’t let it get in the eyes

Distort the path to the prize

Thump Squeak Swish

She’s so good at this

Not for any other reason

Than that drive and constant…



She really loves this sport…


Feel the fear and do it anyway

Take the leap

Take the step

Feel the adrenaline course through you

Fight or flight?

Don’t run away

Chase it till it has no choice

But to face you

Fears are only stepping stones to greatness

Meant to be overcome

The power lies within

Ready to be used when needed

It only takes the determination

To stop being afraid

Stand up for something

Before anything makes you fall

Stand up for yourself

Show the world what you are made of

You can do anything

As long as you give your all


Not Now

The sting burns for some time
Tearing away at the insides
Draining reserves of pride
When tears are on the brink
You should stop a second and think
When we lose…there’s much that we still win

It’s all about the journey
Not so much the destination
Use what you know now as your motivation
Are you forgetting…your hard work and determination?
You became an instant sensation…
Do you know that you’re an inspiration?

Pushing yourself to do things you never thought you could
Making the changes that before you never would
You’re a stronger person now
Can’t you tell?
Look at how much you’ve grown
Look at how far you’ve come
Gained an experience you’ll never forget…
Do you feel like a winner yet?
And it’s all because you gave it your all
Even the greatest expected to fall
That doesn’t stop them from standing tall

Be a phoenix and rise up from the ashes
Ready to take on the world
Blazing your way back to the top
Keep working to be better
You can’t stop
Not now…
There’s still so much that you could do
You know it too
Can’t let that fire in your eyes go out
Not now…

Get up…stand up…
Stop that smile from becoming a frown
Don’t let this get you down
Not now…
If at first you don’t succeed
Try harder next time
Climb climb climb
The top is within reach
Don’t lose sight of your goals
Don’t give up on your dreams
Not when you’re this close
Not now…
Not now

Break Free

The arms of conformity stretch far and wide

Trying to keep you in

Because no one likes the outside

Telling you how to act

How to look…

How to talk…

What to believe in…

Driving people crazy

Trying to be

Perfect droplets of society

Puppets on a string

Having nothing to stand for

They strive to be the norm

Because having people around

Makes them feel warm


Seldom exists in a place like this

And for sure it’s looked down on

Because it’s so different

Minds are being washed thoroughly

At times also taken away

Loosely holding on to your beliefs

Allows them to be easily swayed

Break free from the bonds

Live your life the way you wish

Find your own way

Stop schooling with the other fish

Never be afraid to be who you are

If you hold on to this

You’ll go far

Sometimes it’s ok to follow the norm

But please

Try try try

To never easily conform…