30 Day Challenge – Day 16

Day 16 – What are your views on mainstream music.

1. Hate the lyrics

2. Enjoy the beats

It’s like all the soul for the music lies in the beat and it stops there. There are no words to guide you because the words are either gibberish or without a point. I stick to my old school music. It will never let me down.

What are your views?

30 Day Challenge – Day 11

Day 11 – Put your music on shuffle and record the first ten songs

1. Bunji Garlin ft. Taurus Riley – Carnival Tabanca

2. Rock City – Crazy Love

3. Destra Garcia – Bacchanal

4. Rock City – Done talk

5. Rock City – Broadway

6. Destra Garcia – Fly

7. Destra Garcia  – Ooh la la lay

8. Lil Wayne – Comfortable

9. Natalie La Rose ft. Jeremiah – Somebody

10. Rock City – Bang It

I’m not surprised at all. Most of my music comes from a small number of artists.

30 Day Challenge – Day 07

Day 07 – What do you do when you need to escape

Life gets rough. And in those times, we all have our ways out or around whatever is bothering us.

Personally, when I am stressed, I read. Escape this world and enter the next.

If I don’t have a book, then I listen to music and my mood changes.

Lastly, I call my girlfriend and tell her to talk to me. She is my peace in all the chaos.

What do you do to escape?

No More Flowing Inspiration

She was the reason

The inspiration

Without her

He would have never been writing music

Once it was meant for her

It was always beautiful

The audience loved it

The sounds from his guitar

In the past two weeks

He couldn’t count the number of times

He wanted to smash it into a wall

Or throw it into the lake

She was gone now

The music she brought to him

Left the moment she did

He thought that he would never be able

To write another song again

Until his fingers found their way

No longer lost

But the sound they now played

Were filled with sadness and pain

They were still for her

She still inspired him from beyond


All the Makings

He surprised her with a rose on her pillow

When he uncovered her eyes

Her face lit up

Chocolates littered the bed

Wrapped in wrappers

Of the brightest red

The room would have been dark

If not for the candles

Scattered about

Music filled the room

Smooth jazz

Setting the mood

It had all the makings

Of a good night