Reminisce…(Go Pwell)

The title is not English of course. A friend described my situation as that, and I went with it. We all look back at times…sometimes we even get lost in those memories. The past is always a powerful place to visit. Reminisce with me…

Enough is enough I say
But I still keep that song on repeat
I don’t wish to click play
Yet I listed to it once again…lovely beat
Why does it feel like it was made for me?
This artist seems to feel my exact situation
Who let out these personal details?
Causing me such frustration…
Like an abandoned campsite
There is no longer a fire
Like the milk that was left out too long
Things seem to have expired
Now I feel pathetic…

Searching for confirmations that need not be
Wishing that as much as I miss you right now
You can feel the same way about me
Listening to Michael Bolton and Richard Marx
Smooth jazz and those sad blues
Flipping through old photos
Seeing your smile and smiling too
Looking through a sea of tears
Staring at a lost treasure
That should have been treasured
A gem…
That shattered and blew away into the wind
Now I try with great effort to glue back every last shard
Even though inside I know it will be hard

I have no intentions to stop searching
I now know how to measure worth
There is no other on this earth
Who will matter this much again
To me…
Why did it take this long to see?…
When before me lay this light
That always shone so bright
Calling out
Why didn’t I believe?…
When I had the truth
I wish I could blame youth
But right now…that wont do
Now how will I again learn to breathe?…
When my only source of air
Is no longer here…

Again I press play…

Afternoon Delight

It’s that time of the week again
When I know you’ll be passing by
Guaranteed to drop in
Whether it’s sunny or cloudy skies
My phone starts to ring
I could time it like clockwork
You say you want to come over
Because you need to do work
We both know that wont be the case
Open the door to that smile on your face
We embrace
You run your fingers through my hair
Start tugging on the ends
I take a bite of your neck
Let that ecstasy extend
To the highest heights
I close my eyes and reminisce
On that kiss…
Oh that kiss…
Our tongues battling each other
In an epic scene of pure passion
Sucking it all up like its that last ration
I don’t want to fuss
But my tongue’s adventurous
A moan is all I hear
As I move to your ear
Take care
Can’t have you melting all over already
Keep your knees steady
Pressed up against the wall
Just so you wont fall
You know what you should call?
My special name
Clothes hit the floor
Bodies wanting more
On to the bed
Rest your head
When it comes to body
Your more than ampe
Can’t wait to get my sample
Take notes and observe
As I run my fingertips across your curves
I think I hit a spot
It’s not cold enough to shiver
So I guess that was just a quiver
My tongue knows just where to go
Starting from your toes
Calves, Thighs
You won’t get this with ease
So I’m about to tease
Until you say please
Licking everywhere but there
Your hands in your hair
When I finally decide to go
You break out the “Falsetto”
Good thing the music’s on
Playing just the right songs
“Let me take you down”
I ain’t playing around
“Who can do you like me”
Switch the roles
“Let me cater to you”
Nummy do you
It’s not magic
But you make that stick disappear
Into thin air
Now you see it…
Now you don’t
Rock, paper, scissors
Winner get’s to be on top
You always pick paper
So I choose rock
Hope you ready for that
Face frozen in place
As it takes up all the space
You pulling me in
Begging for more
Never had it like this before
Stroking and grinding
In rhythm with the beating clock
Hope you enjoying that
We finish not to late or too soon
Fall onto the bed exhausted
Based on all the fun we have
Girl, I just might
Have to call you…
My Afternoon Delight

Final Encore

She would stand on stage, still, in a pose
As she waited for one of the greatest music ever composed
In her tights, dress, and shoes with much lace
Across the stage she would move with grace
Whether the music progressed fast or slow
With much ease, she cod follow the tempo
Her hair would hit her face as she would pirouette
As much as she turned, dizzy she wouldn’t get
Flying like a gazelle through the air she’d jeté
Gravity was gone, so for a long time in the air she stays

She jumps in the air clicks her heels
You can tell by her face the music she feels
Looking toward the crowd, she flashes a smile
Plans to continue giving a show worthwhile
She leaves them in awe still wanting more
Over the music they yell for an encore
Standing ovation, everyone on their feet
From young to old, not a soul in their seat

She had given up this art some time ago
Maybe there was little time or interest was low
She plans to come back, once more grace the stage
And with the music and crowd to be once more engaged
The venues will once again be filled each night
I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t want to see her in tights
I hope she’s ready to once again be showered
After each performance, the crowd will throw flowers

I’ll make it my goal to go whenever I’m allowed
As promised I’ll always be there, seated in the crowd
I’ll sit front row, every time I get a chance
Not caring about anything else but…
Seeing Her Dance


At the beginning, things are rather stiff
No one wants to start, so there is a big rift
The canvass is still white, bare of colors
Waiting to be painted upon, waiting to be smothered
Everyone is just looking at one another
Too ashamed to be the first
So they wait and wait, for what I don’t know
A whole hour has passed, still no movement shown
I came to have fun, this stinks
Hey bartender, give us some drinks
This is when the paint begins to get mixed
Now this blank canvass problem can be fixed
The vision can now be seen
Only for a moment will the paper remain clean
Now this looks better, people are getting loose
There goes that girl, shaking her caboose
Whoa, he’s jerking
Look at that, they twerking
The division is gone, everyone’s on the floor
The lights are off, no one cares anymore
The DJ is on fire, with hit after hit
If there was any place to be, this is it
Now I myself am on my second drink
My feet seem to move before my brain can think
I am but one color is this spectra
That’s my jam, pull up selecta
I see this girl, walk up to her and hold her hand
One look in my eyes, she understands
We walk onto the canvass
Ready to create a masterpiece
We begin and everything around has ceased
The world is just us two, we are at peace
We paint circles as are our hips gyrate around
Long and short strokes as we go up and down
I whisper to her “How low can you go”
She took me all the way to the floor
Now I know
Short strokes, long strokes
Hard strokes, soft strokes
This painting is almost finished
Here comes the last lines of the song
She begins to walk away as the song is about to change,
As she walks, looks we still exchange
This next song is my jam, so I ask for one more dance
She says yes
Now it’s on
As her body I begin to caress
She can’t keep up
Doesn’t see what’s coming next
These are the finishing touches
Filling in the blank spaces
Being careful to stay within the lines
Songs over, our time is done
Watch out, the sweat might make the paint run
We know we may never see each other
After we part
But we used our dance to create…


She always wanted to feel whole
She puts the drink to her lips


She let’s the music move her soul
As she sways her hips


She dances to the beat
Moving her feet


She kisses my lips
Closes her eyes


My love gives it to her
To her I’ll never deny




She’s like a soft melody
The kind that embraces you
Wherever you go, chases you
Sweet as sugar cane
Slowly flowing through you
Softly rumbling the tympanic
I can feel her beautiful chorus
Taking over my soul
Every moment I spend with her
I take the time to listen to each note
Reverberating over and over
Her sound never gets old
I’m pulled in by the tranquility
How much closer can I get?
Never quite done listening yet
I need the vibrations in my ears
I need this melody to soothe me
I need the rhythm to take me away
To a place where love breaks the scale
Carry me over the sea in the air
So that the sound I can once again hear
I wish we could hold this pitch forever
Each and every day
I can’t wait to hear it play
I’m in love with this melody

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I’ve always loved flying. Every summer I would enter a mechanical bird and travel to the island of Dominica. These days, I use a seaplane to travel between St. Croix and St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands on holidays. Thanksgiving is probably the only time that I get/want to travel to St. Croix. Anyways, the flight.

Take Off…

I sit in my seat in the crowded plane. This isn’t a 757, so you’re personal bubble overlaps with the person next to you. The pilot starts up the propellers and we start moving forward across the water. At first it feels like your in a boat as the waves rock you this way and that way. As the plane picks up speed, you get the feeling of being a rock that is skipping across the water. Each wave causes the plane to bounce out of the water. After a moments, the feeling of rising into the air takes place. I watch as the floats stop making contact with the water. We start to soar.


If you’re a believer in a higher power, you imagine his hands under the wings keeping you in the air. You may believe that he is holding the plane up as it flies. Scientists see the combination of thrust and lift in play; lower pressure on the top of the wing and whatnot.


No matter what you believe, the view out the window is spectacular. The water is beautiful shades of blue and blue green. The cars become toys, people, ants. You get a view of nature that many do not get to see. This larger scale allows you to take in so much more than you would have on the ground or in a boat. Depending on what kind of flight you’re on, the view remains the deep blue of the ocean or the white of clouds.

Ears pop as the body adjusts to the decrease in pressure. My headphones distract me from the sensation in my ears. Music also takes away from the noise made by the engines. The loud hum is made almost nonexistent as the music fills my ears and soul. I usually put on tranquil music that adds to the peace that I feel in the air.

My destination is fifteen minutes across some tranquil blue water. There are not that many clouds because I’m not that high up. Still, the clouds that we do encounter are tantalizing. They make you want to try walking on them, taste them, feel them. Sometimes I wish that I was flying next to the plane rather than flying in it. I envy the birds that soar through the air.


I always look out for Dolphins or a whale when I fly between my two home islands. I don’t even know how happy it would make me to see a family of dolphins splashing across the water or a whale breaching the surface with a big splash. There’s nothing today but shades of blue. I make out different shapes with the clouds. In an attempt at irony, one of the clouds is in the shape of a dolphin. Funny nature, funny. Halfway there. Time to take a nap. Naps makes the flight feel even shorter.


I open my eyes in time to see my destination. Landing is always the worst part. The angle of approach is gut wrenching. You anticipate the splash into the water that seems takes forever. The plane glides over the water for some time before is makes contact. Once again skipping across the water like a stone. When the splashing stops, the bobbing returns and the plane is driven to the dock.

The passengers spill out of the plane and are happy to have had a safe flight. I’m happy to be home for another Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!