Summer Night

It’s too hot to cuddle

So we just hold hands instead

I can’t see you

But I know I’m staring

Straight into your eyes

And you’re looking back

Into mine

We talk in the darkness

Over the buzz of the fans

Late night talks

About life

Then, now

And what’s still to come

It’s too hot to cuddle

So we just hold hands instead

Night Love

The love we share is like the night’s sky

A vast expanse of expressed emotion

Totally engulfing us both

Stars are sprinkled across it

They are here to represent

Moments of happiness

And those of joy

Moments that illuminate

Our love and bring it to life

Like our love these stars

Are burning

The moon calms us

Allowing us to close our eyes

And take in each other

When we open them again

A light shines into dark night

Showing us the path

That always leads us

Back to one another

Star crossed lovers


Late Night Message 02

My love for you grows daily

And every day I’m grateful that it’s you

I feel your love surrounding me

Your love keeps me safe

I will use my love the way you do

Your needs will always be served

I will always give you the love you deserve

You will never be without it

I will never let you down

Always and for3ver

I’m yours

I love you