Break Free

The arms of conformity stretch far and wide

Trying to keep you in

Because no one likes the outside

Telling you how to act

How to look…

How to talk…

What to believe in…

Driving people crazy

Trying to be

Perfect droplets of society

Puppets on a string

Having nothing to stand for

They strive to be the norm

Because having people around

Makes them feel warm


Seldom exists in a place like this

And for sure it’s looked down on

Because it’s so different

Minds are being washed thoroughly

At times also taken away

Loosely holding on to your beliefs

Allows them to be easily swayed

Break free from the bonds

Live your life the way you wish

Find your own way

Stop schooling with the other fish

Never be afraid to be who you are

If you hold on to this

You’ll go far

Sometimes it’s ok to follow the norm

But please

Try try try

To never easily conform…