Harmonic Love

Alone they were not ready

Yin, the dark side
Feminine and passive
Follows her gut
Lover of the moon and the night
Dark and cold from a life
Void of much happpiness
Submissive and quiet
Soft and still like the river
Always pulling inward

Yang, the lighter side
Masculine and aggressive
Leaves it all to logic
Here to enlighten
Bright up lives like the sunlight
A creative mind
Dominant and strong
Mind like a mountain
Forever reaching out

Together, they created love

Their love was cyclic
A never ending cycle of never ending love
Freely flowing back and forth
Together they give each other balance
The curve between them
Illustrates the yield to one another
And the mutual dependence
Their small circles showing
A little bit of each in the other
Yin and Yang mean harmony
He warms her while she cools him down
Love keeps moving around and around