The Absence is Troubling

Imagine laying in bed alone
Because the one you love is not home
Tossing and turning, unable sleep
The idea of not knowing is enough to drive you crazy

Where is my baby?
It’s been hours now
No call…no text
As time continues to fly by
The phone becomes your focus
Eyes peeled and ears awaiting
Looking out for that vibration followed by a ring
C’mon…give me something

Your body tells you to go out and look
Search high and low
Until you know
That they are safe and sound
You jump out of bed, heading for the door
Keys in hand
But reason asks
What if they come
When you’re not here
Then they would be the one clenched with fear

You decide to stay and wait it out
Heart filled with doubt
That something has gone wrong
Wishing that it wont be long
Till you are able to rejoice
To the sound of their voice
Though the wait is more
Than you can stand
You sit waiting
With your head
In your hands