Any Expression Is Good Expression.

My girlfriend is very shy and closed up when it comes to things that are on her mind. It’s because of her past. She was never allowed to voice her opinions to her family or to her exes.

Now with me, she is falling into her past conditioning. All I do is what I can do in this situation. I sit, or lie down, and wait for her to gather her thoughts. Then I help her get to where she needs to go. Here and there I ask questions, but I just let her rant and I input whenever she gives me the cue to. I understand what she has went through, so this is easy for me.

Furthermore, she has a blog where she expresses the dark and painful feelings that she feels. It seems easy for her to write her feelings away. Easier than talking to me at times.

She asked me a while ago if her posts make me feel “a way”. Meaning if I am bothered by them. Of course not. She is used to her significant other wanting to be the one spoken to first about everything. I am not like that at all.

When it comes down to it, I still get to read them and go over them with her at the end of the day. So, her expressing herself online eventually turns into her taking to me.

Of course it’s healthier for her to express herself to me in terms of the relationship, but as long as she’s getting things off her chest, it is fine by me. I will still love and treat her the same either way.

Checkout her work: Hikari Aie

Putting A Flame to It All Part 5

Those three little words that I could barely make you say

I don’t know if me telling you was a mistake

But I would rather that I never did

You forgot what those meant

When you were angry

You did not prove the words

When you constantly hung up on me

Unreturned phone calls

Messages with days delay

Didn’t really say those words

For all the times I stood alone

Waiting for you to come by my side

Unbeknownst to me

You were already in the arms of another

I can’t take back

The words I told you

But I can get let go of the memories

I can burn them away

Forgive Me. Forget It.

No one can be…what you are to me
I’d write it in the stars for the world to see
Make it a galactic decree
With me is where you should be
Words for you…I only have three

Things should have gone better
I’d trade this hindsight for foresight
I’d give all the hurtful days
To be with you again for just one night
Just one more chance…to do it right

Beautiful is what you are
But it’s what you always were
Tears fell for no reason
A smile on your face is what I always preferred
The right way…is what you deserved

Actions speak louder than words
My whispers didn’t really help
Even though you’ve left it all behind
And in the past is where it was left
I can’t seem…to forgive myself…


Come here to me where I stand
Come over here and take my hand
What’s taking so long
I don’t understand

I’m waiting for you at the doorway to forever
Where I’ve always been waiting
For the day that we thought would never come

You can’t see where you’re going
You need to look ahead
Look towards me and I will guide you
To a place where you can rest your weary head

I’m waiting for you at the doorway to forever
Where I’ve always been waiting
For this day that we were to make our own

Every day is like the last
I try to fill your mind with new memories
To erase those from the past
But each day they last

I’m waiting for you at the doorway to forever
Where I’ve always been waiting
For a day in the future yet to come

Am I not The On3?