Mrs. A. 

At the end of the day 

It will always be you

No matter what they say 

And no matter what they do

The more life tries to pull us apart 

The harder we fight to be closer

Try as they may, they’ll never

Be able to get in between us

There’s just too much trust 

Yes, we fall short

But no one is perfect in this world 

We just dust each other off and start again 

Tweaking ourselves ever so slightly 

Fitting all the pieces where they go

The puzzle that is our love

Is only meant for us to solve

Until the end of time 

I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine 

Maybe It’s Me

No one wants this more than me
Is that why I nitpick?
I don’t expect you to be perfect
I know that I’m not
So why do I put so much pressure on us

I could let things go
Or just find another way to express
What’s wrong with me?
I may be obsessed
I just want it to work
But it is….

Maybe it’s not you
But instead me
And my need
To have everything just right
I keep chipping away at the masterpiece
One chip away
From destroying it all…