Too Much to Change

It bothers me

You love me

So what do should you do

I’ll leave it all up to you

If I’m asking for too much

Then there’s nothing for you to touch

I’ll do what we promised not to

Stay quiet about the issue

Because hey

You hro


Is she an Angel?
They are usually hard to find
What sits in front of me
Is simply one of a kind

She could just be one
Though she has no wings
But there is evidence
Every time I hear her sing

Spending time is great
She is a beautiful sight
I always want to hold her close
And wrap my hands around her tight

When she leaves I feel empty
Can’t wait till she comes back
Without the light she brings
My world is a constant black

Did I find an Angel?
I still don’t know
But I promise to keep her close
And never let her go