One Year Later

A year ago I got down on one knee

At that moment the world faded

It was just me and you standing before me

I watched the tears fill your eyes

And also the wonder from the surprise 

I waited there in the sand 

Holding on to your hand 

Eternity passed as I looked to you

My heart beating hard in my chest 

At once all was well again, you said yes

A year later and I still find ways 

To love you more every single day


Today I proposed

Got down on one knee

With friends and strangers

All around me

She cried

She blushed

Unable to speak

Trying to get me off my knee

But I knelt proudly

Submitting to her

I waited till her head shook yes

As ring slipped over her finger

I felt the happiness

Consume me

I’m engaged

Even more in love

This Will Do. For Now.

Right here and right now in the light of the moon

There is something that I need to say

Yes I am and one knee and no I will not get up

This is where I want to be

From here I can show you all the respect you deserve

You have always helped me understand my worth

I exalt and honor you above all and before all I kneel

To express my undying love for you

I surrender my life to you from this day

Until the last day that I take breath

I will give up my life of solitude

Because I’d rather spend an eternity with you

Although I have no ring now

On this night I give to you a preview

Of the day I make it official

The day I make you feel the most special