All This Love

What am I to do with this?

This big ole heart of mine

There’s so much love in it

All the potential in the world

To  make  one person feel special

It’s a blessing and a curse

With a heart do big

You can do great things

But it’s a big red target

For those who aim to harm

I’ll share it with anyone willing

Someone good

Someone true

Because that’s what you do

When you have excess love in you

I’ve found someone

Whose heart has been through

So much

After the turmoil

It shrank

Barely enough to fill two hands

All I can do is offer her some of mine

It’s fine

Because I have alot to give

She’ll always be first in line

For as long as I live

I’ll Love h3r

To You From Me

Girl, I just wanted to let you know
That I respect that you want to take it slow
People told me not to rush
For now let’s be we instead of us

As the days go by, I don’t know how to feel
I sit and ask myself, “Silence, you sure it’s real?”
I mean it doesn’t matter how I spend my time
For some reason, you always cross my mind

One part says these feelings can’t be reciprocated
The other can only say maybe she’s on par
I should know from all I’ve been through
The closer things seem, the further they are

She doesn’t like me for my money
I don’t have a car or bling-bling
That’s cool with me ’cause I’m not after
That thing, that thing, that thi-i-i-ing

I will try to never hurt her
I don’t mean no harm
Sometimes it gets cold
I just want to keep her warm

Confused about reaching out
Never knowing when to start
Weary of where we travel to
Because we both have…

Fragile hearts