Puns For You 11

It may sound like I’m eggs-aggerating

But egg-streme is the love that I feel

I’m egg-static every time I see her

She keeps my days Sunny Side Up

So I’ve hatched a plan

To keep a smile on her face

For as long as I can

Her egg-ceptional beauty

Always leaves me in awe

Beautiful inside and out

Smile radiant and bright

Our love is egg-citing


Those around are always feeling

The waves of love that come from us

Their minds scrambled

Thinking about how a love like

This can exist

Absolute trust

Undying will to give

To share

She’s always cracking up at my jokes

Even when I think their lame

I’ll never egg-nore her

Never let her feel alone

Omelettin’ her know right now

That I l0ve her

Puns For You 10

The best parts of me belong to you

My heart

My soul

All the pieces are yours

I will give you my last

Without a second thought

Delicious love exists between us

With the freshest ingredients

Topping off the love

Coming together to create

Something warm and aromatic

That we can’t get enough of

It spurs each and every sense




One slice just wont do

It won’t satiate our hunger

Keeps us coming back for more


Puns For You 09

All my life I have been searching

High and low for someone like you

Beaten and bruised but never giving up

I had a feeling that you were out there waiting

Looking for someone as badly as I was

I wish you could have made an appearance sooner

That would have saved me from so much pain

Never again to be put through things

That I rather I’d avoided

You have been such a saving grace

And I am glad that you are here today

Center stage in my life

Right here by my sid3

Puns For You 08

There’s only you

That rhythm in my chest

And in my soul

Is being played for you


The pings on the monitor

Mean that your love is still here

Giving me life

Your smile

Your laugh

Your eyes

Keep it beating

It all sprouts from you

And I can’t keep it buried

The world will hear it

The sound that calls for you

When we’re far apart

It says I’m here

When I close the gap

If you get scared

Just close your eyes and listen

Feel it in you

Our hearts are singing the same song

Lub dub lub dub

I’m in lov3

Puns For You 07

I know in my heart

That there is nothing that you can’t do

Once you set your mind to it

You will make it happen

You have overcome so much

That nothing should make you feel

Unable to get past

Or get through

The sky is the limit

And if ever you need help

I’ll be right here with you

Till the 3nd

Puns For You 05

From day one it’s been

A sudden mutual attraction

Couldn’t take my eyes off of you

So I saw you staring right back

Stuck by your side through it all

You were there for me too

You’re caring




Such a good person

Glad to have you in my life

Now and forever

I will never go away

Are you happy dear?

I se3 you smiling