Not Now

The sting burns for some time
Tearing away at the insides
Draining reserves of pride
When tears are on the brink
You should stop a second and think
When we lose…there’s much that we still win

It’s all about the journey
Not so much the destination
Use what you know now as your motivation
Are you forgetting…your hard work and determination?
You became an instant sensation…
Do you know that you’re an inspiration?

Pushing yourself to do things you never thought you could
Making the changes that before you never would
You’re a stronger person now
Can’t you tell?
Look at how much you’ve grown
Look at how far you’ve come
Gained an experience you’ll never forget…
Do you feel like a winner yet?
And it’s all because you gave it your all
Even the greatest expected to fall
That doesn’t stop them from standing tall

Be a phoenix and rise up from the ashes
Ready to take on the world
Blazing your way back to the top
Keep working to be better
You can’t stop
Not now…
There’s still so much that you could do
You know it too
Can’t let that fire in your eyes go out
Not now…

Get up…stand up…
Stop that smile from becoming a frown
Don’t let this get you down
Not now…
If at first you don’t succeed
Try harder next time
Climb climb climb
The top is within reach
Don’t lose sight of your goals
Don’t give up on your dreams
Not when you’re this close
Not now…
Not now

Deep Within

Look within yourself and you will see

There is nothing that you can’t be

As long as you believe

Anything can be achieved

Step forward from the line of normals

And be your own person

Take a stand for what you believe in

Never be afraid of what people may say

Because you’re the one

Who has to live with yourself at the end of the day

Why quit?

Before you’ve even tried

Keep pushing for what you want

Even when denied

If you do nothing to create change

Then it may never come

Never say can’t

If it’s something you really want

Then go for it

Negative words should be

A fuel to your mental fire

Don’t let them tear you down

Or push you around

Stand firm in the face of adversity

Your true greatness is yet to be seen…