The Kiss They Never Forgot

They walked out of the restaurant onto the street

Only after a few steps

The sky opened up

She tried to run away

He would not let her wrist go

Back to him she was pulled

Then it started slow

A kiss that make her breath catch

All around them the droplets fell

She was deeply under his spell

Her hands never left his neck

His embrace grew even tighter

Their lips never parted

Though in between kisses

They would taste the rain

But it could not wash away

The taste of the other

The hunger they had for one another

Kept them in the moment

They were soaked in rain

But even more soaked in love


Took Away The Light

Rainclouds are all that I can see

There’s one that always follows me

I don’t know how this could be…

Now that you’re gone…I know…

That I’ll never again see the rainbow

I will never again enjoy the sunlight

Standing in it alone…didn’t feel right

Your presence made it even more bright

Because you are the light…

To my world

The one who offered me direction

Beauty’s reflection

So shy of perfection

Filled with affection

You were my selection

The day you left…

Everything changed

Nothing would ever be the same

My skies would never again be blue

The most important thing in my life was gone…




Inspiration Cut Short

It’s kinda boring in here so I had to decide
To get out my home and wander outside
It is such a delight to be out at night
It’s better than being out at day, it’s not as bright

As I walk here and there and take a look around
I can’t help but to take in the different sounds
One that I can’t help but to avoid
Is the chirping cricket that gets most annoyed

All the animals that bark, meow, moo, and peep
Are now in their homes, nests, barns, fast asleep
From this point of view the lights of the city
Come together in such a way to look very pretty

I look up at the shinning, burning stars
Twinkling away as I wonder what they are
I stop walking and lay in the grass
Look up and try to count these giant balls of gas

I lie here in a state of deep admiration
And I think about the formation of these constellations
I look around as I hear a wolf howl
There goes hooting, must be that old owl

The blades of the grass sway gently in the light breeze
If I wasn’t wearing a coat, I’m sure I’d freeze
Lying here I hum to myself a little tune
And I look at the craters on the moon

Not a crescent, not halfway, tonight it’s full
One word comes to mind…Beautiful
It’s not the most beautiful I ever saw
But for some reason, I’m still in awe

The sights, smells, and all other sensations
Of this setting give much inspiration
But it seems tommorow I’ll have to catch it again
Cause now I have to run back inside…
It started to rain