Overflow of Emotions

Today is the first of many “Days of Poetry”

If you haven’t noticed

I’ve published a poem an hour

Every hour

That’s 24 poems for you

Maybe a couple you can relate to too

We’re halfway through the day

And I just want to say

Thanks for reading

Thanks for feeling

Thanks for believing

Have a great day


I don’t care how many pages

It’s the subject that I look for

If it’s one from a series

I’m guaranteed to read more

I like reading true stories

But I rather those of fiction

I like the varied use of words

Each authors personal diction


If I get wrapped in one

You are bound to see

My head will be down

And there will be less of me

I once read for two days straight

Stopped only to bathe and eat

I couldn’t stop myself

Until it was all complete


People have alot to say

When there’s a book in my hand

But my love of reading

They will never understand

My favorite is Harry Potter

I love his world of magic

But I also liked Macbeth

Though his story was tragic


I become the main character

Picking up virtues and flaws

I become a valiant hero

Fighting for a cause

Probably have powers

And fly around town

On the run from a killer

Or chasing one down


A spy on a mission

Trying not to get caught

Go back in time

To when a war was faught

I become a different person

Discovering whole new worlds

When I find one that interests me

I turn into…


A bookworm