I want a relationship

That motivates others

The kind people envy

But in the good way

I want them to ask

How it’s done

How do we love

Stronger each day

So that I can say

There’s no manual

It’ll all about doing right

And staying true

To the one standing by you

Five Minutes

Each day

I dedicate five minutes

To think about life

With her

It’s surreal

How did I end up


With her

In this

One minute…

My heart beats faster

She makes me excited

About today and tomorrow

Thinking about yesterday

Makes me smile

It’s been a while

Two minutes…

I miss her lips on mine

Can’t wait till they meet

Once more

Three minutes…

I remember when

We first met

Neither knew

That years down the road

We’d end up

In each others arms

Four minutes…

I’m going to marry her

Rings in mind

Can’t wait to surprise her

And see her smile

Through tears of joy

Five minutes…