No More Flowing Inspiration

She was the reason

The inspiration

Without her

He would have never been writing music

Once it was meant for her

It was always beautiful

The audience loved it

The sounds from his guitar

In the past two weeks

He couldn’t count the number of times

He wanted to smash it into a wall

Or throw it into the lake

She was gone now

The music she brought to him

Left the moment she did

He thought that he would never be able

To write another song again

Until his fingers found their way

No longer lost

But the sound they now played

Were filled with sadness and pain

They were still for her

She still inspired him from beyond



You have clearly gotten over me


How do I get over you?

Nothing I try works

I lie to myself

Trying to reprogram my mind

Overwrite the feelings that are still there

I tell myself that I don’t love you when I do

I still do

I try to replace you with a barrage of people

That fails because at the end of the night

Or next to them the next morning

I end up making comparisons in my head

The things you would have done differently

The words you would have used

They can never be you

I need a remedy for this attachment

To break the connection that I still have

The drunken states I run to

To run from my feelings

Only last so long

The hangover that comes in the morning

Brings the feelings along with it

Closure never reached me

So I am stuck here

With a conflicted heart

Searching for a cure