I Got You

I’ll always have your back
I know you’ll have mine
You’ve proven it
Time and time again
I’ll always be that friend you can
Depend on no matter what
No doubt about it
Every kiss will be from the heart
Every hug will be warm and tight
My chest will always be here
For you to fall asleep on
When you call I’ll answer
Never make you feel lonely
Above all
You’ll always feel wanted
You’ll always be my princess
My time is your time
I don’t need me time
As long as I have you
I want my love to always feel
Like it’s young and exciting
I want it to remain

Warming Love

She’s been forced to put her heart on ice

Safe from the elements

Hidden away


He came with a love so strong

One that warmed her

And melted the ice


She got another chance to be loved

He offered her all she needed

She accepted his love because she believed

He protected her because he said he would

They both knew neither would ever leave

All the Makings

He surprised her with a rose on her pillow

When he uncovered her eyes

Her face lit up

Chocolates littered the bed

Wrapped in wrappers

Of the brightest red

The room would have been dark

If not for the candles

Scattered about

Music filled the room

Smooth jazz

Setting the mood

It had all the makings

Of a good night


Between the Banks

Every weekend he’d take her on the lake

He’d have lemonade and sweet cakes

Calm waters and blue skies

Staring into her brown eyes

Her parasol kept the sun out her face

As he rowed with all he had

Halfway across he’d rest

Move next to her and steal a kiss

They’d enjoy their picnic on the water

While looking out for fish

Each time one jumped to catch a flying insect

She’d giggle until she snorted

The more she laughed the deeper in love he fell

He held her to him as they watched the sun set

It would soon be time to row again

Head for the bank and leave their solitude

Until next weekend


Translation of Love

No matter what language I choose

The feelings I have will remain true

No matter who looks our way

They will always be able to see

Just how much you mean to me


They know

When they see me smile

Holding you in my arms

They know

The Spanish know that

Mi corazon

Beats for you

The French will understand

That mes yeux

See your true beauty

I want to translate love

So that the world will be able to see

Just how right we are together



The Kiss They Never Forgot

They walked out of the restaurant onto the street

Only after a few steps

The sky opened up

She tried to run away

He would not let her wrist go

Back to him she was pulled

Then it started slow

A kiss that make her breath catch

All around them the droplets fell

She was deeply under his spell

Her hands never left his neck

His embrace grew even tighter

Their lips never parted

Though in between kisses

They would taste the rain

But it could not wash away

The taste of the other

The hunger they had for one another

Kept them in the moment

They were soaked in rain

But even more soaked in love


The Last Rose

He was the love of her life

And the only thing he left behind

Was a solitary rose

Each time she put it to her nose

He came to mind

The memories would flow

Each time she looked at the last gift

She would feel her heart break

For she knew it wouldn’t be long

Before it too was gone

Fated Romance With Destiny Sprinkled on Top

He looks at the world in his hands
As he spins her around in the air
He has never been happier
Than he feels right about now
Nothing is going to change that
Not that he would ever allow
His world is finally complete

Destiny brought them together
They are star crossed lovers
Now fate is guiding them
To a future of happiness
The ring in his pocket
Will be on her finger
By the end of the day
Faith will keep them together
Through it all
They believe in one another
They’re in it for the long haul

Their romance inspires others
Though the open affection
Is not easily accepted at times
Those around can recognize true love
In her eyes when she looks at him
And in his voice when he talks to her
Everyone knows
They’ll be together forever

A Lifetime of Emotions

Years from now we’ll look back

Once again telling

The story of our love

Smiling at all the times

I made you cry

With my surprise gifts

And with all the little things

You never thought I’d notice you loved

We’ll tell them that arguments

Were few

Even if one came up

It was handled with love

We never went to bed angry

One of our biggest rules

Throughout the day

We always checked in

With a sweet little text

All the adventures we took together

Never knowing what was next

You’ll blush as usual

When I say

That I still fall in love

Every day

To this day

I’ll smile when

You tell them how I saved you

Let you be free

To be


We’ll kiss

Then I’ll caress your face

And see

The same person I’ve loved

For this lifetime