My Flower

She was a dropped rose

In a field of other flowers

When I saw her she seemed down

She had forgotten

That she was a rose

She lost knowledge of her fragrance

I picked her up and loved her

I reminded her that she was beautiful

I loved her forever

She was the only flower

That bloomed in my spring

This Will Do. For Now.

Right here and right now in the light of the moon

There is something that I need to say

Yes I am and one knee and no I will not get up

This is where I want to be

From here I can show you all the respect you deserve

You have always helped me understand my worth

I exalt and honor you above all and before all I kneel

To express my undying love for you

I surrender my life to you from this day

Until the last day that I take breath

I will give up my life of solitude

Because I’d rather spend an eternity with you

Although I have no ring now

On this night I give to you a preview

Of the day I make it official

The day I make you feel the most special

All the Makings

He surprised her with a rose on her pillow

When he uncovered her eyes

Her face lit up

Chocolates littered the bed

Wrapped in wrappers

Of the brightest red

The room would have been dark

If not for the candles

Scattered about

Music filled the room

Smooth jazz

Setting the mood

It had all the makings

Of a good night


The Last Rose

He was the love of her life

And the only thing he left behind

Was a solitary rose

Each time she put it to her nose

He came to mind

The memories would flow

Each time she looked at the last gift

She would feel her heart break

For she knew it wouldn’t be long

Before it too was gone


With petals the reddest of red
Leaves the greenest of green
Plucked from the earth…with the intent to impress
To help an undying love…be expressed

Given up…
But not taken…
They must have been mistaken

For surely this rose…
Would touch the heart of any
It is THE symbol of love
And to receive one
Would show…


But it was turned down…
As if nothing
What now?

Once separated from the earth
There is little left to be done
Never again will this rose
Enjoy basking in the sun

The red will soon turn to black
One by one…
The petals…will fall to the floor
This beautiful flower
Wont be the same…anymore…

All because love could not be returned
All because love could not be accepted


And that’s the way the story goes
Love could have saved it
Yet it was…
Left without water
Out to wither…

This is the life of…
An unwanted rose…