She gives and gives 

For what? 

Drained near the point 

Of no return 


Who saves her when she needs it? 

Who extends an arm to pull up

Back to the top? 

Who makes her pain stop? 

No one

I refuse to stand by

And do nothing 

As her world faded to black 

I will give all of me

Down to the skin off my back

Just to make her whole again 

My Last

I don’t know if this will do

It’s the best of me

I want to give it all to you

It’s the last of me

I want to use it

To try to complete you

I’ve noticed that you need love

I can offer all that I have

Hopefully it’s good enough for you

For so long I have been trying to share

No one wanted it

They didn’t appreciate it

I am trusting you to be different

It’s fragile

Easily broken

So take care of it

I will show you how

In return I will take care of you

I promise to do the best I can


Battle Scars

Cupid’s arrows went through one side and out the next

Those who betrayed his love used serrated blades

Sliced and diced, removing heavy chunks

Footprints show how it was burst it wide open

Stitches ran from the bottom to the top

Across the middle and from side to side

Bandages and gauge applied with the aim

Of keeping in the blood

Nothing could make it beat normally as it should


When she saw it she cried

Becasue for so long she  knew he lied

When he said that he was fine

So she took pieces of her own heart

Transplanted them onto his and then

It started to beat normally again

She had taken his battered heart

And loved him with what she had left

For she had loved him from the start

Until It Hurts

The hurt she once felt

Clouded her judgement of love

She couldn’t recognize it anymore

She forgot how to show it

She was almost unable to

Express her love the way she wanted

All she knew was pain

It broke her heart in two

The pieces kept apart by the memories

I want her to know love again

For the first time

So I’m going to love her until it hurts

Even if it destroys me

So that I can take away her pain

Until love is all that is left

Until love is all she knows