Her Place


She gets sad

Then she goes away

To her special place

And I let her go

Because I know

That she will

Always come back

To me

Where she belongs

Like a lighthouse on the shore

My love guides her

To me


I go with her

So I know

What she has to deal with

Then I bring her back

With her hand in mine

And everything

Is fine

No More Flowing Inspiration

She was the reason

The inspiration

Without her

He would have never been writing music

Once it was meant for her

It was always beautiful

The audience loved it

The sounds from his guitar

In the past two weeks

He couldn’t count the number of times

He wanted to smash it into a wall

Or throw it into the lake

She was gone now

The music she brought to him

Left the moment she did

He thought that he would never be able

To write another song again

Until his fingers found their way

No longer lost

But the sound they now played

Were filled with sadness and pain

They were still for her

She still inspired him from beyond


The Boulder of the Past

The reason that some people are struggling in their present day lives is usually because they are still held in place by their past. The thing they don’t take the time to realize is that they have so much potential that is being hindered. They don’t try to get through things because they believe they will always end up like it did before.

For some, letting go easy. Almost too easy. These people may appear to be better off, but they also have things that they need to deal with. Letting go easily does not give time to deal and get to understand the problem. It is difficult to empathize with others if you don’t have the full experience of the ordeal.

What both parties need is each other. The ones holding on to the past need to see that there is a way to let things go. The ones who do not know how to deal need to understand that sometimes you need to go through things to come out stronger. When it comes to it, they both have pasts that they must deal with at one point or another. Hopefully, they must find the ideal ways of letting go in order to have a decent present and better future.

Inner Struggle

How can your mind stop loving someone

When your heart isn’t ready to

How do you tell yourself a lie

While deep inside you know the truth

There’s no way you could feel any different

No matter how hard you try

They just make you feel something

That you’re not afraid to hide

You try to change the way you feel

To no avail

Feelings of love always prevail

Staying far away doesn’t help

It only makes you want to see them more

Because you know deep down inside

They’re that one person you truly adore


Sorrow Filled Showers

A broken heart can be the beginning of the storm

One where a dark cloud looms over you

Overshadowing all happy thoughts

There seems to be no escape from the pain

The negative feelings rain


The showers are endless


No matter whee you go

No matter what you do

The water pours all around you

You fear that you may drown


Warming Love

She’s been forced to put her heart on ice

Safe from the elements

Hidden away


He came with a love so strong

One that warmed her

And melted the ice


She got another chance to be loved

He offered her all she needed

She accepted his love because she believed

He protected her because he said he would

They both knew neither would ever leave

Imaginary Love

She tried to find love in the world

Each time coming up short

So she decided to pain perfection

Her ideal lover

Who would never betray her

Stuck on the canvas

He could never leave

Not for someone else

Or for any other reasons

She would no longer have to be alone

He would be here forever

She couldn’t see

That she was causing herself to be

Even more alone

Since she stick so strongly

To her lists

She created something

That could never exist


She gave up on trying

Working things through

She was more alone than before

If only she knew

Return the One Thing

Years had past since they said I do

It had been long that he knew

She  was no longer the woman he married

The things that made him fall in love

Were no loner there

It was as though she had forgotten how to care

Every time she complained about

He changed just for her

He didn’t even recognize himself anymore

She had his heart

Yet he could not find hers

The rings

Now meant nothing

Forever had come to a close

Their own separate ways

They now had to go