With you I feel safe

Protected from it all

I jump with no care

I know you’ll never 

Just let me fall

I can come to you

Because you will look after me

There’s few places like this

Where I can be free to be me 

With Me

When will you see that you’re safe with me

You’re the one I love the most

When I hold you at night

Your eyes can close

Because I am looking over you

I will be the light to scare away the dark

Just listen to the beat of my heart

Your darkest secrets can be written in me

I will be your diary

Your secrets are safe with me

Trust is a must

Care is right here

I will be here for you faithfully

You are safe with me

No more worries

No more fears

No more anxieties

No more tears

Look at me


You’re s@fe with me