One Year Later

A year ago I got down on one knee

At that moment the world faded

It was just me and you standing before me

I watched the tears fill your eyes

And also the wonder from the surprise 

I waited there in the sand 

Holding on to your hand 

Eternity passed as I looked to you

My heart beating hard in my chest 

At once all was well again, you said yes

A year later and I still find ways 

To love you more every single day

Slipped Through

Once again left out the winner’s circle
Here’s another loss for me
Beginning to think that
There may be no honey for this bee
I want what I never get
Always feeling left out
I thought I had it down
Now I begin to doubt
Life is not fair they say
Like that fact I don’t already know
The sun came along
It melted all my snow
You can’t stop water from running
It always finds it’s way
So it doesn’t surprise me one bit
That right here you couldn’t stay
I took too much time
I should have made an advance
But now it’s too late
Seems like I’ve lost my chance
I should have done more
I didn’t tighten my grip
Through my fingers
Like the sand…
You slipped