He was dangerous

Not because her truly was

But because it was what she felt

He was the exact opposite

Raw and true

On her he never quit

He could make her believe in the impossible

And that scared her

More than anything ever did

So she hid

Losing the one thing

That would save her

Losing the love that he gave her

Her Wounding Words

She sits and thinks of the things said

Wonders if the words used were the right choice

She didn’t want to be angry with him

But couldn’t help but to scream and raise her voice

Tired of all the troubles she was facing

Just had to make someone hurt just as bad

So she lashed out at everyone close

Even when they did no wrong

Every little thing cause an uproar

There were always eggshells around

Then china hit the wall and things fell to the ground

Maybe some time to think will do her well

Taking a moment to just get away

Think of how to tell them sorry

So that they will be able to stay

Is it too late to apologize?

Will he think she is sincere?

She thought the feeling was bad before

But now the fact of losing him has her truly scared