Don’t Pass It By

Don’t let a lifetime

End up passing you by

And possibly miss out

On the greatest thing

That ever walked

Into your world

Opportunities come

Opportunities go

When you see one

Take it

Hold on to it

Never let it leave

What ifs

Cloud judgement

Don’t let them build up

Get out there

And go after

The things you want

The Moment

Opportunities don’t often come along twice
So once they present the must be seized
You never know what could happen
The outcome of taking the risk might leave you pleased

Happiness isn’t about the destination.
It’s about the journey along the way.
And once you achieve your happiness
It’s up to you how whether or not it goes away

You shouldn’t focus on the end
When you have yet to begin
If you’re too focused on losing
You might just lose your chance to win

Take the chance when you see it
Or you may forever feel regret
What ifs plague your mind
And the mistake you’ll never forget

Each day you must be able to live in the present
To make the most of everything is what you need to avow
Seize the moment when it comes
The moment is now!