Her Night 01: Exposition

Just like I promised baby
I’m going to treat you right
Don’t worry bout me
Tonight is your night
The windows are wet
From the droplets of rain
And the room is far from silent
As the love songs play
The candles have been lit
In order to set the mood
Getting ready for this event
We start to get nude

To make things more fun
We help each other strip
Up and over goes that red dress
Off your hips your panties slip
You rip off my shirt
And tear off my pants
Looking at your body
Has put me in a trance
What stands before me
Is just about near perfect
All the right curves in the right places
And two nipples standing erect

We look each other in the eye
As I get ready to lay that body down
We start a little foreplay
And start messing around
We embrace in a passionate kiss
You fit so nicely into my hands
We both wish that tonight
Everything will go according to plan

I’m willing to bet that you’re as wet
As you said you were on the net
I take a look at your body
I can’t help but think it’s about time
I take the chocolate syrup
And on your body make an outline
I put over all the places
That my tongue wants to go
Time for my mouth and your body
For one another
To get to know