Bridging Their Love Lines

Far across the world they lay broken

In their beds

Each holding on to that memory

Of the night they first met

Which was also

The last time they saw each other

Two destined strangers

Who both had problems with their flights

Decided to grab coffee

While on delay that night

It was the first time in a long time

That either had laughed so much

At the end of the night she almost

Melted in his touch

As he brushed her hair behind her ear

She could feel his course fingers still

He could feel the place on his cheek

Where she planted the kiss goodnight

Watching her leave was a painful sight

They had barely shared

That their hearts were both broken

Though it could be seen in their eyes

Across many miles

They lived from one another

To fix their hearts

They only had to come together


We both departed

Both went our separate ways

It feels like part of me

Has left and gone away

Sometimes I wonder

If my feelings are shared

When I think they’re not

I get a bit scared

I look at your picture

But it’s not the same

Why do I miss you?

Who is to blame?

Being the nerd I am

I counted the number of miles

That separates us

On these two different isles

Thanks to technology

We can keep in touch

Emails, phone calls,

Text messages and such

I’m feeling sad

Guess it’s hard to tell

All day online

All we do is l-o-l

When we meet again

My feelings I’ll subdue

But all I can say now is

I miss you…