Her Night 04: Climax

I move up to your face
As you try to get your breath steady
Move my lips to your ears
And ask you if you are ready
You slowly nod yes
But you wont get it with such ease
I want to have a little more fun
So I plan on being a tease
I wrap it up
Before we start to entwine
Can’t be stupid
I have both our futures in mind

I take my member
And rub it across the entrance
But into the wetness
I do not advance
You look up at me straight in the eyes
Seems like this thing is a must
I blow you a kiss
As into you I thrust
From the moment it happened
My biceps you grasped
Your mouth flew open
And you let out a gasp
But guess what baby girl
That was only half

I pull it back out
Then go back inside
The noises that you make
Don’t seem like they will subside
As I continue moving
It doesn’t take that long
For my rhythmic strokes
To be in tune with the song
Time goes by
And deeper in I go
The ecstasy you begin to feel
Is on another plateau

On my shoulder
You make a few smacks
As you dig your nails
Into my back
Missionary as we all know
Gets boring after a while
So I turn you over
To go at it doggy-style
From this position here
I can slap you on the rear
Pull on your hair
But still treat you with care

Now you get on top
And start to ride
I meet your downward motions
So that more pressure is applied
This must be your favorite
As you start to increase the speed
The more I give you
The more you ask, beg, and plead
For a while you’ve been fighting
But now you succumb
I can feel you get tighter
As you start to cum

You have a right to be tired
But this wont end soon
I can guarantee more
As I walk you to the bathroom