Next to a Great Man

My motivator

Standing next to me

Helping call the shots

Pushing me

When I don’t want to move

Or when I don’t know where to go

By my side till the end

Coming through for me

Again and again

I’ll never put myself before her

And she’ll never run ahead of me

So we compromise

And conquer it all

Side by side

Puns For You 11

It may sound like I’m eggs-aggerating

But egg-streme is the love that I feel

I’m egg-static every time I see her

She keeps my days Sunny Side Up

So I’ve hatched a plan

To keep a smile on her face

For as long as I can

Her egg-ceptional beauty

Always leaves me in awe

Beautiful inside and out

Smile radiant and bright

Our love is egg-citing


Those around are always feeling

The waves of love that come from us

Their minds scrambled

Thinking about how a love like

This can exist

Absolute trust

Undying will to give

To share

She’s always cracking up at my jokes

Even when I think their lame

I’ll never egg-nore her

Never let her feel alone

Omelettin’ her know right now

That I l0ve her