The Stars Look Bright Tonight (Wanderer)

I wish someone were up
We could probably pop in a movie
Wouldn’t hurt one bit
To just have some company
But the process is not simple
People think that motives you hide
Your room is a dungeon
They rather not venture inside
So alone you sit
And look into the night
But it’s alright
The stars look bright tonight

Can’t seem to sleep
No surprise here
Moving feverishly
Between bed and chair
I decide to step out
Nothing to do in this room
Don’t know how long I’ll be gone
Probably be back soon
I head out
With no destination in sight
But that’s alright
The stars look bright tonight

I head up the ramp
Look to Her window
What lies in that room is a beauty
Oh how I wish those dreams were of me
But I know it cannot be
So I proceed
Walking with no direction
Following the steps of my feet
Not knowing who I might meet
On a night as tonight
But it’s alright
The stars are bright tonight

All lights are off
The place is void of sounds
No life exists
Except this lone soul roaming the grounds
The silence is peaceful
The view serene
What do you expect
At four fifteen
I take the long way
Nothing better to do
I pass through the great hall
Where we struggle to eat food
I’m like a zombie
A creature of the night
But it’s alright
The stars are bright tonight

Back into my room
Into the darkness I go
Hop in the bed
And prop my pillow
Looking around the room
Into deep thoughts
But I can’t sleep
Though not putting up a fight
But it’s alright
The stars were bright tonight