She Makes Me Smile

Something about her has a hold on me
I can’t look her in the face and not smile
It doesn’t matter how hard I try

She doesn’t have to do much to be beautiful
She is in every aspect that you can see
I also know that she’s also beautiful underneath

She brushes of my kind words with a wave
Doesn’t believe that she is like a pearl
How do I tell her that in my eyes she’s no ordinary girl?

I enjoy holding conversations with her
There’s nothing I wouldn’t talk about
I’d talk all night about nothing…no doubt

Seeing her smile brightens up my day
I wish that she would stay that way
And no one would come and take it away

I want to be there for her when she needs it
She should know that I’m someone she can trust
I’ll let her figure it out herself…no rush

Something about her has a hold on me
I can’t look her in the face and not smile
It doesn’t matter how hard I try

Puns For You 12

Laughter fills the room

Caught you off guard with that joke

You face lights up as you smile

And it’s been a while

Since I saw it

I’ve taken up the job

Of making you happy

Whatever it takes

I’ll bring a smile to you

When you laugh

I do too

We go together like covalent elements

Sharing equally

Our smiles


And love

Reminisce…(Go Pwell)

The title is not English of course. A friend described my situation as that, and I went with it. We all look back at times…sometimes we even get lost in those memories. The past is always a powerful place to visit. Reminisce with me…

Enough is enough I say
But I still keep that song on repeat
I don’t wish to click play
Yet I listed to it once again…lovely beat
Why does it feel like it was made for me?
This artist seems to feel my exact situation
Who let out these personal details?
Causing me such frustration…
Like an abandoned campsite
There is no longer a fire
Like the milk that was left out too long
Things seem to have expired
Now I feel pathetic…

Searching for confirmations that need not be
Wishing that as much as I miss you right now
You can feel the same way about me
Listening to Michael Bolton and Richard Marx
Smooth jazz and those sad blues
Flipping through old photos
Seeing your smile and smiling too
Looking through a sea of tears
Staring at a lost treasure
That should have been treasured
A gem…
That shattered and blew away into the wind
Now I try with great effort to glue back every last shard
Even though inside I know it will be hard

I have no intentions to stop searching
I now know how to measure worth
There is no other on this earth
Who will matter this much again
To me…
Why did it take this long to see?…
When before me lay this light
That always shone so bright
Calling out
Why didn’t I believe?…
When I had the truth
I wish I could blame youth
But right now…that wont do
Now how will I again learn to breathe?…
When my only source of air
Is no longer here…

Again I press play…

Ear to Ear

Giving one

Makes one come right back

You could make someone’s day

Never know who needs it

Or what change

You can make in a life

Warming the ones who see it

They feel the love beaming from you

Then it spreads from them to another

All because you wore it proudly

Sharing it with the world

Making it a better place

With just an expression…

On your face

What Is It?

What is it about you?
Your eyes…
I think that’s what caught me
At times looking into them
Feels like diving into the sea
They hide your inner mystery
But there’s no hiding the fact
That the best part about looking at you
Is knowing you’re looking back

Your smile…
Every time you laugh
It’s like the room gets bright
It makes me feel
Like everything is alright
My rainy days go away
Whenever you’re near
When you take your lips
And spread them from ear to ear

Your presence…
Just having you close to me
Makes me feel
Like this could be a dream
I hope you know what I mean
Because I never felt such peace
And I don’t want this to cease

What is it about you?
There’s so much it could be
In life there are more than one truths
Maybe what it is is just…
Everything about you…

A Lost Memory

When I look back

To the time before you left

I remember being near you

Always fighting what I felt

And every time you smiled at me

I would feel my heart start to melt

Looking into your eyes

Was how I wished to always spend my time

I remember when I would hold you

I was falling in love

I just never told you…

Daily Love

I love to see her light up for little things
It warms me to see her smile
When she laughs I laugh
Good feelings last a while

Sometimes I just stare at her
Mesmerized by her beauty
Thinking about how happy she makes me

Her silly jokes aren’t even funny
But the way she cracks herself up
Makes it hard to not laugh with her

I love her
Each day I love her more
Each day I look forward to the next
Each day I think back to the one before