Criminal Mind

Somewhere in the abyss of my mind
I find
A thought
If I could be a thief
For just a moment
You would be my victim
And from you I’d steal
A kiss
Not just a peck
Or a smack
Oh no
So much more
Than that

It’d be a real one
If you ever did feel one
A kiss so swift yet so slow
That you couldn’t miss the flow
Of both body and soul
A kiss placed softly and so powerfully
That you’d be knocked off your feet
While landing gently
On thin air…
A kiss that wouldn’t miss
A moment of bliss
A wordless introduction
Where my lips…meet your lips

Your hands on my arms
Mine on your hips
This spectacular implosion of four lips
Leads to the inevitable explosion
Of emotions
Going through the motions
Hearts beating fast
Breathing hard
Pulling close
Holding tight
And I might just bite
But I resist
Not wanting to ruin this…

Slowly our heads would tilt
Even slower still
Our lips part
Giving us both a slight chance
To catch our breath
While the breadth
Of this moment
Continues to escape
The capacity of the mind

My hand would move from your side
With grace
To the side of your face…
Cupping it in my palm
Rubbing your cheek with my thumb
While searching fingers play with your lobe
The kiss felt round the globe
The kiss heard round the world
Yet silently taking your breath away
And as the last second
Of the last minute
Of this moment flies by
I would open my eyes

Thinking about what we just did
I wouldn’t be sure
Whether I…
Should give up this life of crime
Or steal once more…

What Lies Beyond

To them it is more than just
The coming together of four lips
It’s what they give to each other
Before they take long trips
When the tears flow all over the place
He places one on her face

If he starts feeling weak
She gives one on his chee
She likes to feel them
Because her spirits they lift
She would take them in place
Of any ordinary gift

He gives her one
Right before they go to sleep at night
His way of showing her
Everything will be alright
Something to remember If he isn’t there to hold her tight

She plants one on him
After he’s had a long day
It’s her special way
To say That she’s here to stay

A kiss means the same thing
No matter what the season
Giving one at times
Requires no true reason

I’m here
I care
I love you
I love you too
Through good times and bad times
Nothing is as clear as this
The truth of love lies
Beyond A Kiss…