Bus FareWell

I get off at my stop

I look back at the seat

Next to the empty one

I just left behind

It’s taken by that girl of mine

I look her right in the eye

And she does me the same

Onlookers look at us

Smiling at each other

Some look her way

Others look mine

But I’m too focused

Paralyzed by her eyes

We never break our gazes

Until we have no choice

The bus rolls on

I’ll see her again later

Lingering Stare

Her stare lingers on me

She looks over her shoulder

No words are exchanged

Just a stare between lovers

The longer we’re connected

The more I feel myself falling

A desire for her bulds in my stomach

I want her

I crave for her touch

She smiles at me

Still staring

She bites her lip

Maybe she’s feeling

The same thing I am

Stepping forward

She comes to me

She kisses my lips

There’s no hunger or desire from either of us

It’s soft and gentle

The lack of eroticism entices me

I want her more than ever right now